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The WASPER project is tailored to make countries meet their climate objectives, especially with the extensive use of solar energy. The main reason why solar energy is not widely used today in most countries is the lack of knowledge. The WASPER project will change this through a very wide approach of large, active solar energy demonstration facilities at schools and universities in many countries. Wasper provides educational material from preschool to universities.

Today, many countries and institutions show interest in the WASPER project and all countries need this project. Many have developed their use of solar energy much compared to ten years ago. Some are even really good at using solar energy. Despite this, we all need more knowledge about all aspects of solar energy. This is why the WASPER project will be of use to anyone who wants to learn more about solar energy, in theory and practice.

If you are a mayor, headmaster, technical manager, national or regional decision maker interested in taking active part in the WASPER project you are welcome to contact us

Mr. Bengt Arnby at bengt@wasper.org or Ms. Tina Larsen at tina@wasper.org

The WASPER project makes the difference!




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